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A Path to Emotionally Focused
Couples Therapy

Welcome to Northwest EFT Communities. We are part of a growing international network of therapists committed to Emotionally Focused Therapy, a uniquely well-researched and successful model for couples therapy.

EFT provides both clients and therapists with a map to go beyond negative relationship patterns into connection, closeness, and a secure bond. EFT was created more than 20 years ago by Susan Johnson, Ph.D. and Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D., and it continues to be one of the most successful couples therapies available.

Northwest EFT Communities supports therapists as well as couples, families, and individuals seeking therapy. Through our local sites, clients can find information on EFT and EFT-focused therapists in their area. Therapists can use their local site to find resources for training, certification, networking, research, community meetings, and other support.